Bay Area Chinese Language School

Introductory Chinese Weekend Classes (2019-2020)

Intro Chinese Weekend Classes (2019-2020)

The perfect time to start learning Chinese

Give your child a head-start in an international career!

Introductory Chinese Weekend Classes (Ages 6 - 15)

Children who are bilingual:
  • Bilingualism gives your children the educational advantage.
  • Being bilingual opens up new social opportunities.
  • Speaking more than one language makes your kid more open minded.
  • Languages are highly valued in the workplace.

This introductory course is a program designed to help your children learn through immersion in regular conversation with a native speaker.

Our mission is to help your kids learn Chinese and become comfortable with everyday conversation. We will help your child build a foundation on which they can construct a strong understanding of the Chinese language.

Your children will learn through fun interactions, role-playing and games, so that they can learn like Chinese children do. We believe in making learning fun! Our mission at Bay Area Chinese Language School is to provide an opportunity for your children to get started with Chinese, one of the most useful second languages in the world.

Class will begin Sunday, September 15th, 2019

9:30 am - 11:30 am

Spots are limited! Please register as soon as possible.

Essential Information:

  • Registration Fee: $25 (not refundable)
  • Tuition: $768 ($12/hour)
    • Tuition may also be paid at $85.5 monthly
  • Material Fee: $30
  • Discount available for:
    • Early Registration: $50 off (before 8/15/2019)
    • Referral: $50 off

Please contact us if you have any questions, We are happy to help!

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