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Online Class Only

All classes currently offered are online only. We will include information for anyone registering for new classes with information on how to join classes with our instructors If anyone has questions or concerns, feel free to contact us through the registration or contact forms.

Group Lesson Private Lesson

Chinese Mandarin Lesson

Private Lesson:

Private 1-on-1 lessons are the quickest and most cost-effective way to improve your Chinese speaking and listening skills.

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Students who have attended group Chinese lessons in the past constantly report back to us that private lessons have been much more successful.

  • Conversation based lessons
  • Fun and engaging learning experience
  • Customized instruction plans to meet all your needs
  • Solid curriculum and teaching plans keeps you motivated
  • Instructor can give you individualized attention and feedback
  • HSK Test preparation lesson available

Group Class:

If you are a social person and enjoy talking with others or you like to work with a team, a small group class will be much more motivating than private lessons.

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  • Interacting with your classmates is effective for your language development
  • Learning in a group can take the pressure off of you
  • You can make friends and business connections

Conversation & Accent Reduction Lesson:

Develop a native Chinese Mandarin accent and achieve fluency with the guidance of our instructor raised in the Beijing area. We will provide rich insights and tips that guarantee your immediate progress

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  • Speak Chinese clearly and correctly
  • Accent reduction, speak Chinese like a native

Business & General Writing Class:

Easily understand and adjust to the Chinese work culture as you master Mandarin speaking skills.

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Get access to plenty of practice material, fun exercises and worksheets to get the concepts right and stay on track throughout and after the course. You will quickly learn how to effectively communicate in a professional business environment.

  • Formal business writting training
  • Learn Chinese business culture and negotiation skills


Mandarin for Kids/Teenagers:

We encourage children at the age of 6+ to join our program. This is the perfect age to learn a new language, as kids in this age group mimic everything they hear.

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We provide children with a Chinese speaking environment to ensure that they pronounce the proper sounds. That's the best and most natural way for children to learn.

  • Chinese homework aid
  • Chinese as Second / Third language
  • Chinese AP Test prep

** If you are a French speaker, we can also teach you Chinese in French




$ 55 / Hour

  • Private 1-on-1 instruction
  • Meets once or twice a week
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Standard or Custom plans
  • Online classes available

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Group Class

$ 22 / Hour

  • 5 Weeks length
  • Intro course for age 18+
  • Fun learning environment
  • Intimate & engaging classes


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  • Include 12 hours
  • Business & Industry focus
  • Fun learning environment
  • Price limited to Santa Clara
  • Please contact us for a quote
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